Logan Review

Let’s all just take a minute to appreciate how incredible this movie is!

I mean seriously, Wolverine was dying! The last couple of films were piss poor and you know it, but somehow when the trailer for Logan was released, audiences finally found some light at the end of the  tunnel.

It looked fresh, new, dark – an altogether different x-men movie and by George it didn’t disappoint.

I was emerged in the story within the first few minutes. We were immediately introduced to Logan’s fowl mouth and new look. Had he aged? Yes. Did he still look smoking? Double yes.

I don’t want this review to involve spoilers of ANY kind, but it’s so hard to express how fantastically deep and disturbing this movie actually is without revealing a few plot secrets (don’t worry I’m not going to).

The basic outline is we’re a little ways into the future, mutants are a dying breed and my beloved Charles has aged a little more than I’d like to see.

Their X-men days are way behind them and they’re basically in hiding.

Enter a mute little girl who needs their help and you’ve pretty much got yourself a road trip movie.

This movie is riddled with tears, nostalgia and heart! Whilst being ‘serious’ it also manages to not take itself too seriously and honestly guys it was an almighty thumbs up from me!

I can’t recommend this movie enough and it seems that it’s the same for every other person who’s had the viewing pleasure.

This was demonstrated by the fact that my usually quiet cinema was filled to the brim 8:30pm on a Tuesday. IT’S A BLOODY SCHOOL NIGHT.

Logan gets a resounding 9/10 from me and if you haven’t already seen it, what the hell are you waiting for?

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