Kong: Skull Island 

Let’s just begin this with a teeny tiny disclaimer *I was extremely sleepy and partially grumpy when I watched this film and it’s possible that I’m being a little bit of a negative Nancy* 

I thought that this film (in the immortal words of the Bee Gees) was a tragedy!

A fun fact about me is I’m not a movie snob. I like a trashy action film as much as the next coach potato, but this film was on another level. 

I had quite a lot of hope for this movie as the trailers looked awesome (especially the one with The Animals soundtrack) but the reviews I read were mostly crappy. 

As a gal cleverly wrote to me on Twitter ‘If you go in with low expectations then you’ll always be pleasantly surprised’ … if only that were true! 

Okay so here we go, with the actual critique … Number 1) the film was boooooring! There was little to no real storyline – well nothing that was original at least. 

People travel to an ‘undiscovered’ island. People find big monkey. People say shitty one liners. People annoy monkey. People fight monkey. People try and flee island. Blah blah blah. 

Okay so there are some pretty awesome fight scenes between Kong and the other island inhabitants, but I mean after about 10-20 minutes, it starts to lose its charm. 

The sad thing is, there are some top notch actors in the movie and I just feel like it was wasted talent, trying to earn a quick buck! 

One thing that the film seriously lacked was character development. There were moments that were intentionally meant to provoke some pretty deep feelings, but instead they just made me cringe a little.

I did not care who lived or who died, I just cared about when I could leave the cinema and get 20 chicken nuggets on the way home. 

Sure, I might be being a little bit harsh, but this movie had a lot of potential to be great. It had an awesome cast, a fairly decent director, a HUGE budget and yet we’re left with this completely forgettable heap of nothingness.

To put things into perceptive for you – this makes the 2005 Kong film look like the Godfather. Now just think about that for a minute … 

Mt rating – 4/10. My advise? Go and see Logan for a 2nd time instead. 

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