Beauty and the Beast (2017) 

To say I’m a Disney fan is a tiny bit of an understatement …

Where to start with this review? there is so much I want to rant and rave about I literally don’t know where to begin.

I suppose first of I should say, holy fucking shit I loved every single moment of this movie. The goosebumps were constant and there wasn’t a moment when a huge smile wasn’t plastered all over my face.

THEY’VE KEPT IT TRUE TO FORM – and when I say that, I didn’t read the bloody original fairy tale, but I’ve seen the animated Disney dream around 200 times.

They haven’t removed any key moments or tried to make things dark and deep (which everybody seems to do these days) . They’ve added a little more depth to certain characters and a wee little backstory to our Belle’s background, but the tale really is as old as time …

Just want to get one thing out in the open – I’m not a huge fan of Emma Watson.

Obviously Harry Potter is life, but for some reason I find her acting ‘talents’ seriously lacking, so when I heard she landed herself the title role, I did a little face plant.

In fact the only thing that kept me positive about the whole thing was thinking ‘it could be worse, they could’ve given it to Anne hathaway’

In all honesty though, she is perfect for this part. She looks gorgeous, her singing is pretty on point and her personality on and off screen is a dead match.

In fact the whole cast was perfect!

Luke Evans is the stand out performance in the film for me, his singing voice is ace and he oozes the arrogance and anger that Gaston needs.


When you’ve been listening to the same songs for 25 years, it’s hard to love any covers in the same way.

Well that’s what I thought until now. Every musical moment is perfect.

From the arm swinging Gaston to the slow dancing title track, they sure did do it right.

When the soundtrack was released, people were claiming the new additions were mostly filler, and I don’t know what these crazies had been smoking, but they must be out of their minds.

‘Evermore’ stood out to me from the beginning, as I always thought that the beast needed a song of his own and this is everything I could’ve dreamed of. It’s so powerful, moving and YES, I DID CRY! JUST BACK OFF OKAY?

Blah blah blah, I could talk nonstop about the many, many ways this ticked all the boxes for me but I’m going to cool my jets a bit now and get down to the nitty gritty.

I am confident that people will come out of this movie disappointed, they’ll be wanting/expecting something fresh and different but I for one am glad that’s it’s neither of those things.

It’s not at all a straight imitation but at the same time it’s not trying to be something that it’s not. To me they hit the nail on the head and this movie is my absolute dream. Everything I was wanting and more.

My rating – 10/10 all day, every day.
I have already booked to see it again and I am counting down the days!!!

Seeing it for the first time was an experience I won’t forget and I would like to personally thank Disney for giving me yet another film I can cherish forever.

One thought on “Beauty and the Beast (2017) 

  1. This movie brought back my love for Beauty and the Beast. It made me feel like a five year old when I watched. I love the story, characters, and songs in Beauty and the Beast, which is why it is a Tale As Old As Time. I love how they made Beast and Belle more complex because you get more of a backstory to the two of them. As a massive musical fan, Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite musicals and seeing this movie made me want to buy the Original Broadway Soundtrack and I hope to get to own this live action movie of Beauty and the Beast

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