Arrival (2016)

I’m actually off to see ‘Life’ tonight and I thought I’d get myself in the Sci-Fi mood by watching a movie that I missed from last year.

I went into this not really knowing much about the plot, all I knew was that people seemed to love it and that it had a big old 94% on Rotten Tomatoes – not too shabby at all.

In a nutshell, the story is that 12 mysterious spacecrafts have started to show up around the globe and a linguistics expert (Amy Adams) is tasked with the job of interpreting this new found language.

As someone who studied English Language and Linguistics at university, this initially had me interested.

That being said, I kind of found the film very dull! Which is also strange because I know that I enjoyed it, but at the same time – it was very meh!

The storyline = Great. The performances = Fab.

Still there was just something that didn’t sit right with me, it just felt very higgledy piggledy.

Maybe it was a little dragged out? The characters kept going back up into the ship to try and create/find a way of communicating with the beings, but there was quite a lot of back and forth and similar scenes.

When I actually checked the runtime, I was surprised to find it was under 2 hours because it felt like it had been going on for much longer …

Amy Adams and Jeremy ‘peahead’ Renner were great individually, but together I felt absolutely no chemistry. A little forced if you ask me.

In some scenes I felt like Jeremy wasn’t needed but they just plonked him there to look nice. The movie was the Amy show, and rightly so.

The film itself was awfully grey and bleak – it just felt a little lifeless to me BUT like I said, I still enjoyed it which is a big old mystery.

How can I have so many negative things to say about something, but still have enjoyed it so much?

Granted, this probably isn’t something I’m going to rewatch endless times because to me it’s a kind of ‘once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it’ type deal – but it really is worth a watch.

I will say this – it was refreshing to watch a Sci-Fi film of this kind that didn’t revolve around high action and was a lot simpler than some of it’s predecessors.

Overall, it was an ace story with high enjoyment level but to me felt a little wasted and because of that it’s a 7/10.

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