The Lost City of Z (2017)


I feel like this isn’t going to be the longest post in the world, because this film is a tricky one for me to talk about.

I kind of feel cheated!

If you haven’t already seen the trailer, then I’m going to put it below – because there are a few things about it that we need to discuss …

Looks good huh? Looks like a thrilling adventure into the unknown and WOW it’s based on a true story as well? Even better.

Well no Sir! this is definitely NOT what the film was about. Honestly I feel like every smidge of ‘action’ was squeezed into that trailer.

The movie itself was a limp, slow burner that had me a tad bored for nearly 2 and a half hours.

The possibilities were definitely there. The story (which I’d never actually heard of before) was strong, as were the cast, but still it didn’t quite get to the level it could’ve been.


If you didn’t know, it’s about Percival Fawcett, a British explorer who ended up disappearing in the Amazon whilst searching for a mysterious city in the 1920’s.

I mean come on, how epic could this have been?

Okay, okay, I am being a bit harsh because I did actually enjoy it, but just not as much as I could have.

Some of the positives were Sienna Miller, she gave a top notch performance (and I’m usually not a huge fan) also it was nice to see Spider-Man himself (Tom Holland).

It also inspired me to come home and do some research of my own about Percival, so that’s always fun.

Erm ….. yep! that’s it. I’ve pretty much run out of positives.


It was an okay film to watch, but was completely forgettable for me.

I’ve seen some absolutely sterling things because written about this and it’s great that it’s tickling some people’s pickle – but it honestly did nothing for me.

I wasn’t expecting Indiana Jones – but use the words ‘explorer’ and ‘mysterious city’ and I’m obviously going to hope for a cinematic spectacle.

I feel like my writing is done best when fuelled by passion, but quite frankly this film sucked all of that from me. (ooh matron)!

A boring post about a boring film.

5/10 from me and I doubt that I’ll be watching it again …

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