Little Shop Of Horrors (1986)


‘Feed me Seymour’

It’s no secret that I’m a MASSIVE musicals fan – and Little Shop of Horrors is up there for me.

The story revolves around Seymour, a super nerdy florist who stumbles across an all singing, all dancing plant who could be the answer to all his problems. The only issue is, he needs feeding …. human flesh!

The plot is utterly bizarre, but that’s what makes this film adaption such a thrill ride – it’s out of this world and weird as fuck!

It’s a very black comedy and it’s safe to say that to this date, I’ve not seen anything quite as spectacular as this.


The films humour level is so over the top, in your face and silly that it’s hard to be endeared by.

Rick Moranis is literally the epitome of middle-aged geek, which makes him utterly perfect for the role of Seymour. Ellen Greene is equally as wonderful (if not a little annoying) and the pair actually have lots of chemistry on screen.

You can also expect some pretty epic pop ups from; Steve Martin, Bill Murray and John Candy too.


The score is put together by the Gods that are Alan Menken and the late great Howard Ashman, who of course wrote some of Disney’s biggest hits.

If you haven’t seen the movie you’ve probably seen the episode of Family Guy where Herbert the Pervert is prancing around in an ode to Little Shop.

Whether you have or haven’t heard the musical numbers, I’m going to put my top 5 below for you to either introduce yourself to or reminisce with, enjoy!

5) Grow For Me

4) Somewhere That’s Green

3) Prologue (Little Shop of Horrors)

2) Dentist

1) Skid Row

I happen to think that ‘Skid Row’ is a fantastic piece of music and the build at the end is definitely my cup of tea!

All in all, it’s a wacky and very, VERY weird story that is bought to life fantastically in this film. It might not be for everyone but boy oh boy, is it for me.

My Rating – 8/10

One thought on “Little Shop Of Horrors (1986)

  1. My school did this musical in February. While I don’t love Little Shop of Horrors, it was still a well done production. I love musicals and they are quite joyful, unique and emotional


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