King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 

There have been heaps of King Arthur shaped films made over the years. Some good, some bad and some REALLY bad!!!

(Also, you haters can back off ‘The First Knight’, Richard Gere is an icon.)

I’ll give this movie one thing, it was a completely different take on a classic and something that I maybe wasn’t expecting.

There’s no merlin, no dragons, no Lancelot and no annoying Guinevere.

It stays true to Ritchie’s style, with over the top slow mo scenes (Sherlock *cough* Holmes), plenty of ‘lads,lads,lads’ scenes and the odd witty phrase thrown on in.

It was fun, there’s no denying that – but it just all felt a little rushed.

There were lots of ideas and themes all trying to be wedged in all at once and it didn’t really work.

The fight scenes were pretty cool and the action side of the film was awesome to watch.

Personally though, I like a side of blood and gore with my sword fights.

Another thing that has to be mentioned is that this film is riddled with messy CGI – it was sort of distracting really. Sometimes I even felt like I was in a bloody video game, and not in a neat kinda way.

Any stand out performances? Not really! Everyone in the movie sure does look pretty but it’s all a bit meh in terms of actual acting.

Astrid Berges Frisbey (who’s name I just googled because I’d never seen her before in my life) is extremely radiant, but a little dead behind the eyes.

As an audience we’re told little to nothing about her character and although you can sort of assume she’s supposed to be the mysterious, quiet type – it still all fell a little flat.

Moaning over – this movie is no doubt a fun little trip.

It has giant elephants, an Ursula squid type creature AND David Beckham, what more could you ask for?

If you’re looking for a good old fashioned action flick – then give this bad boy a shot!

But if you’re looking for an epic Arthurian tale – don’t get your hopes up too much!

My rating – 6/10

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