Baywatch (2017)


When I went to see this film, I knew what I was getting myself into.

It was obviously not going to be a ground breaking movie masterpiece, it was going to be a bunch of attractive people prancing around and muttering funny things – awesome!

Within the first opening minutes, it was clearly going to be really over the top, extreme and giving you all that it could – which again, I was cool with.

However something kind of fell short for me in this film! Yes, it had me laughing a lot of the way through, and it was a lot of fun to watch on the big screen but it really did lack substance – shocker I know!


The main plot was a little boring and generic and although I was expecting a lot of people being saved from the deep blue sea, I MEAN COME ON! How often do accidents really happen.

Okay so I Googled and 1.2 million people die a year from drowning, which apparently works out at 2 people per minute ….. WELL THAT’S NOT THE POINT OKAY!

It just got a little boring watching The Rock jump in and out of water (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say).

I never watched the original TV show (I’m sure I’m not really missing out) so I can’t comment on comparisons and all that jazz.

On a side note, this film mentions 3 different DC superheroes within the first like half an hour – please make it stop.


ALSO – is it just me that thinks that Zac Efron could be the offspring of Hasselhoff himself? Uncanny.

I feel like this movie is much more of a Sunday evening, put it on in the background, because you don’t really need to pay attention to what’s happening and it doesn’t hurt your brain too much.

I would definitely not pay to see this at the cinema – unless you’re planning on smooching your partner and aren’t really bothered anyway.

It’s an easy watch, which numbs your mind at times, but is pretty enjoyable if you let yourself go a bit.

My rating is – 6/10 and boy oh boy it was kind of hard to decide between 5-6, but this movie wasn’t bad, so I decided to be generous and round it up a little – happy bank holiday.

P.s if you do go and see this film, I’d maybe avoid going out for dinner and eating a big old burger beforehand otherwise you’ll be sat there filled with shame and regret that you’re neglecting your summer body.

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