Dunkirk (2017)

I’m not going to lie, I was not behind all the hype of this film.

Sure, I wanted to see it – but the trailer left me a little miffed and Christopher Nolan isn’t the God that people make him out to be.

Negatives aside, I sat in the cinema waiting to see the ‘Masterpiece’ that was apparently about to unfold in front of me, and I tried to open my mind a little bit.

I was expecting it to maybe be a little bit of a slow burner with loads of cameos thrown in and characters that you didn’t have time to connect with, but boy was I proven wrong!

Within minutes of the opening we are thrown into the bleak and terrifying reality that was WWII.

There’s no dramatic credit scene, no dialogue to set the story in motion, nothing! We are literally thrown in head first.

In fact, if I remember correctly there isn’t really any dialogue until a good 20 minutes into the film, and there isn’t really any need for it.

There’s no over the top speeches, and not any one actor stood out amongst the rest – they’re all top notch and as good as each other.

The film stars a few great, British actors, along with some unknowns, who really give a sterling performance, and yes! this means Harry Styles actually nailed it.

I must admit that I assumed this movie would be a whole lot of action scenes squeezed in whenever possible – but it really wasn’t. It had everything it needed, nothing more and nothing less.

There wasn’t a moment in the entire thing where I felt bored or that it was dragging. It was fast paced without being over the top.

It flips back and forth so you’re able to witness specific events through the eyes of different people – all as important and vital as each other.

I was literally on the edge of my seat from beginning to end and although it wasn’t a tearjerker for me, it was intensely powerful.

Nolan teamed up with Hans Zimmer again to give us yet another beautiful score throughout, which really helped set the scene and make everything that touch more moving.

Another thing to note is for some reason, I assumed this was going to be a 3 hour epic, but it was all under 2 hours – not too shabby at all.

Now, was this a masterpiece? Was it actually the best war film ever made? To me that’s a big fat nope.

Was it very different to previous films of the genre? – Most definitely.

I urge you to go and see this film if you haven’t already, but put all ideas of it being the greatest film of recent years out of your mind, because it’s really not.

That being said, it’s great, it really is – and it’s always hard when a movie has such great reviews to actually live up to them.

I feel like if we give it a year or so, things will be put into perspective and it might not stand the test of time, but for now – it’s a nice little gem to be thrown in between all the superhero madness of the minute.

8/10 It’s a different kind of movie experience and I enjoyed every moment of it.

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