47 Meters Down (2017)

Just a mini review from me but please stop hating on this film – it was never going to be the best film of all time and not the best shark film either (Jaws we salute you) but it’s bloody fun.

Seriously though, the reviews are so harsh, as if people were expecting to be blown away by a cinematic masterpiece. COME ON! It’s Mandy Moore and one of the girls from Vampire Diaries trapped in a cage under the sea.

For me, this film was everything I wanted it to be. A tense movie with characters that didn’t annoy the shit out of me, with a couple of jump scares thrown in.

The premise is super simple – two sisters are in Mexico and decide to go on a little excursion to do one of those fucked up cage dives with sharks, one thing leads to another and they end up stranded at the bottom of the sea and must come up with a plan to save themselves.

I mean there isn’t really much else to say plot wise without spoiling things, but to me it was so much fun.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Sure it’s a big old cheese fest and reminiscent of those early 2000 creature features I loved so much, but it’s enjoyable and a nice easy watch.

I missed watching The Shallows, so don’t know how this compares, but for me anything that involves a big ass shark and being stranded in the middle of the ocean is going to get my bloody pumping.

6/10 – It was never going to score higher than that for me, but it was fun, thrilling and definitely worth a watch.

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