Annabelle: Creation (2017)

I always knew that I was going to like this film!

I don’t think there is a single film I’ve watched that I haven’t checked the IMDB score for beforehand. I did it with the first Annabelle and I did it with this.

I was actually a little surprised to see that Annabelle (2014) had such a low rating, a measly 5.4/10. Sure, I actually only rated it a 6/10 myself, but I really did enjoy it.

Moving on to the point I’m actually trying to make … Annabelle:Creation was in the 7’s, on par with it’s Conjuring counter parts, which I thought wasn’t too shabby at all.

I always try to keep my reviews as spoiler free as possible, so it’s going to be hard to delve into much detail, but I hope I can scratch the surface.

Basically, this film is creepy as anything.

Obviously there’s a doll, which already sets things at a solid 8/10 on the scary scale – but we are also introduced to a few other spooky characters.

The film plays as a prequel to Annabelle and tries to give it a little extra meat to it’s backstory – which I feel it does in a really successful way.

You don’t need to have seen anything else in the franchise to enjoy it either – but if you know a little bit about the other movies then there are a few extra treats along the way.

One thing that has to be said as well is 9 times out of 10 – I can’t help but grit my teeth every time a child actor is on the screen, but most of these little girls were pretty awesome. Especially note worthy was Talitha Eliana Bateman.

I actually was half way through writing this review and went to see it again – just as spooky the second time round. Especially good when you get to watch someone else freak the fuck out.

Okay it’s an atmospheric thrill fest, set in one location, so it’s obviously not going to be the most detailed plot ever written – but it’s as good as it could be. Doesn’t leave any unanswered questions or irritating plot holes.

Out of all the genres, I find horror the hardest to rate. I mean can a horror film really exceed the 8/10 mark?

Personally, for a film to really reach into those high numbers I have to feel moved and attached to the characters.

How emotionally involved can you really get with creepy doll and actors that do little more than scream and run away?

That aside, this is a good film.

For me it gave me everything I wanted. A few jumps, a decent story and a good addition to a pretty solid little franchise.

7/10 – you get what you pay for.

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