IT (2017) 


I’m going to dive straight into this one and say that everybody needs to calm the hell down.

I’ve seen so many people say that the horror genre is dead. Chin up guys!

Apparently horror films have to be completely boring and overly edgy to be considered good (It comes at night – I’m talking about you my friend).

Im someone who thought ‘It follows’ was an average and ‘The Babadook’ was no masterpiece.

I love a good cheesy horror flick – with lots of blood, gore and a killer I can really get behind.

Which moves us on to the AMAZING Pennywise.

As a child I loved Tim Curry’s creepy clown portrayal and I wondered if Bill Skarsgard was ever going to match it – but boy did he!

I’ve never liked a child killing villain quite as much. He’s funny, he’s sadistic, he’s freakin’ terrifying!

I always get sooo nervous when a film is released to good reviews – it makes me feel it’s been a little over hyped and that I’m only going to be disappointed.

However, this movie was everything I hoped it would be.


I went to the midnight release of this and it was nice to have a few more people than usual in the cinema – I always find it makes everything ten times better to see everyone else pooping their pants!

I think it’s easy to turn your nose up at a movie like this and say it’s too cliche and overdone – but to me this was really fresh and exciting, whilst still following those old school horror traditions that I hold so dear.

There was a few scenes where I held my scarf over my eyes for fear of what would happen next!

There was lots of personality development and I adored the kid actors. They really did smash it. Especially Jack Dylan Grazer who played Eddie – he could easily be my favourite movie character of the year.

I mentioned in my Annabelle review that horror movies these days seem to struggle with getting an audience to connect with characters, as they’re usually just portrayed as being disposable.

This was not the case with IT – I really did grow to like the kids and root for them from scene to scene.

There wasn’t a moment in the movie where I was bored – I was on the edge of my seat beginning to end.

I laughed, I almost cried and I’m sure I’ll be having nightmares for weeks to come.

8/10 – At the minute, this is in my top 5 movies of the year and I’ll definitely be seeing it a few more times on the big screen.

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