Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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Honestly, I can’t understand all the negativity I’m seeing around this film – it’s just so bloody fun.

I still remember seeing the first instalment of the franchise back in 2014 and being blown away – I was just gobsmacked by what I’d witnessed. That being said, I was dubious about whether Matthew Vaughn would be able to bring it out of the bag for a second time (especially after I saw the bad words being chucked about on Twitter).

However, I still absolutely loved it.

There were parts when I was howling with laughter – it still had all that raw British humour, but still managed to branch out by bringing in a couple of American big guns.

It was also good to see Mark Strong on the big screen. I honestly think he’s such an underrated actor and deserves much bigger roles than he usually gets served. Elton John was also an AMAZING cameo to throw in there – honestly it was all so bloody bonkers.

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I thought that the main story was just as entertaining as the first and Julianne Moore was awesome as an evil mastermind (although arguably not as memorable as Sammy L). She was cold, calm and collective as the villain, Poppy Adams and quite a bit different than the outspoken Valentine.

I actually went to the double bill on opening night, and it was nice to see that they’d snuck in so many references to the first, without doing that terrible thing that a lot of sequels seem to do, where they spoon feed you background information.

There were all the quirks I loved from the first; the super spy weaponry, overly dramatic fight scenes, well placed musical moments and tonnes of likeable characters.

People have been saying that the film is too long – I say that this isn’t correct. It was the perfect time for me and there wasn’t one moment that I got bored or started to think about my post cinema McDonalds. I was gripped.

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The only bad thing I really have to say is that there is a really oddly placed sex scene, which whilst does manage to sit well with the tone of the movie – it just kind of feels uncomfortable and out of place. Also – it stars Poppy Delevingne and anybody from that family can (in the words of Elton John) ‘Fuck Off!’

Another big no no that people have been saying, are that the new characters aren’t that great – now this is a tricky one. I loved the new characters, but I maybe agree that we didn’t see enough of them as I’d like, especially Champ played by Jeff Bridges, but that being said, there is going to be a third one and I think they set everyone up well for some good old fashioned character development later down the line.

The film is inventive – it’s fresh – it’s exciting and it’s definitely my cup of tea.

Sure, films like Wind River and Logan may be hard hitting and highly rated (rightly so might I add) but it’s nice to watch a movie that allows you to escape from all the depression and deep, emotional stuff to just have fun.

8/10 from me and it’s definitely way, way up on my favourite movies of 2017 list.

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