Blade Runner (1982)

Blade runner

I just really don’t get the obsession with this film at all …

I’d never seen it before and in anticipation for ‘Blade Runner 2049’ I decided the time had come to see what all of the fuss was about.

Honestly the first 45 minutes were so dreary and long winded. What turned out to be a pretty simple premise was stretched out and explained over such a long period of time, as if to intentionally confuse and perplex.

I’ve seen many reviews where people said they had to watch it several times to fully understand it – but I don’t think that’s down to the complexity of the plot, I think it’s down to very bad story telling.

There really is no denying that Ridley Scott has directed some great movies (along with some very questionable ones) but sadly this is definitely not one.


To date, I don’t think I’d seen a Harrison Ford performance I didn’t enjoy. I mean he’s responsible for some of the most likeable movie characters in history. I thought to myself that even if I hate the movie, at least I’ll get to witness Ford in all his glory …. that was not the case at all!

I get that he was supposed to play a cold, blunt character that didn’t display too much emotion – but he was way too stiff for my liking. It could have literally been anybody playing his part and it wouldn’t have made a difference – he bought nothing to the role, but then again I guess there wasn’t much else he could’ve done.

All of that being said, the last 20 minutes of the movie were very enjoyable. Rutger Hauer and Daryl Hannah’s characters were very well put together and down right creepy.

When Hauer is chasing Ford round at the end, it was terrifying and hilarious at the same time, but can twenty minutes make up for the rest?


Continuing on with the negativity, I thought the score was way too much. Granted, it was great to hear every now and then, but it was way too heavily used and the attempts to make this film a great noir – came across as pretentious and ‘try to hard’.

The whole movie just didn’t sit right with me and the first thing I said to my boyfriend after we finished watching it was ‘I hated it’, now on reflection I don’t actually think it was THAT bad, but it definitely wasn’t for me.

6/10 – I was very close to giving this a 5 but the end portion of the movie bumped it up – but still overall, I thought this was very boring and obnoxious. I still have high hopes for the new movie, but that’s mainly based on the fact that it can’t be much worse than this so called ‘masterpiece’.

5 thoughts on “Blade Runner (1982)

  1. Everybody gives Blade Runner the exact same review you just did the first time they see it. From people like me and YouTube video bloggers Lessons from the Screenplay and NerdWriter, to well-known critics like Roger Ebert, have expressed dissatisfaction with their first viewing, only to come around to liking and even loving it over time.

    I would suggest coming back to it in about a couple months. And then again after another month. If the third viewing still doesn’t change things, then I know you’re not going to be among the viewers who adore it.

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    • Oh you’re absolutely right – I definitely need to go back and watch it a few times and who knows, it might grow on me.

      But from that first viewing I was honestly so shocked. I really wanted to like it and people who I really trust with recommendations couldn’t spoke more fondly of it – but it just didn’t do it for me.

      Who knows in a few months, I might be writing a very different review haha.


  2. Curious – which version did you watch? Did it have voiceover narration? For the longest time, the only version I’d seen was the original theatrical cut but recently rewatched the theatrical cut (and hated it) then watched the ‘Final cut’ and it was like a different movie.

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