Jigsaw (2017)

Classic traps, classic gore, classic Jigsaw!

Lets cut straight to the chase. If you are a fan of the other movies in the Saw franchise then the odds are that this is going to be straight up your street.

There isn’t really anything I could tell you that you wouldn’t already know (great opening line to a film review.)

You really do get what you’d expect – 90 minutes of shameless blood, a little suspense and a pretty darn good theme song.

I’m glad it stuck with the classic, original formula but kind of wish it tried to take a new turn. It would’ve been good to really be thrown in with a fresh new idea, but hey! that wouldn’t be the franchise we know and love.

The story is simple; A body is found seeming to be a victim of the Jigsaw killer, John Kramer, but wait? he’s been dead 10 years right?

Introduce a handful of new characters ready to crack the case and some ‘victims’ in need of help before the time runs out and you’ve got yourself a horror movie.

There is a big downer for me and that’s the fact I had a pretty good idea of how the film was going to go early on. My review won’t contain any spoilers, but the twists and turns didn’t do it for me because they were far too predictable. That being said, it didn’t effect the entertainment factor at all – it’s just tough being a fantastic movie detective like myself.

The acting was much like the previous films – so bad it was fun to watch and disposable characters left, right and centre.

For me, it’s a good one time watch, that I don’t think I’ll be coming back to anytime soon.

6/10 – Has the saw legacy gone on for too long? All I know is if they keep making them, I sure as hell will keep seeing them.

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