The Babysitter (2017)


15 year old Emma would’ve loved this movie, but 26 year old Emma still thought it was fun as hell!

The storyline goes a little like this – Adorable, nerd boy loves sexy babysitter. Sexy babysitter loves devil worship. Adorable, nerd boy must be sexy babysitter’s blood sacrifice – uh oh! 

I usually hate cult inspired films, but this took all the things I dislike about them and made it fun. It was so dopey, but you could tell it was done on purpose which actually made it quite clever.

The best way to describe this film is it’s a classic case of ‘it’s so bad, it’s good!’ Like Happy Death Day (review you can check out here) it didn’t take itself too seriously and it played more like a comedy than anything else.

It was unpredictable! It kept you guessing what kind of stupid, silly thing was going to happen next – but you could guarantee it would probably be inventive.


Most of the characters were annoying, over acted and dull as anything – especially the one played by Bella Thorne who in my opinion, shouldn’t be in movies anymore. Period. BUT HEY! that just made space for a whole bunch of disposable characters that could be offed at any minute.

The lead actress however (Samara Weaving) was actually really great. I’d never seen her in anything before and she really did seem to have the crazy, flared nostril look down to a tee.

It’s the ultimate Friday Night flick. When you’re on your phone playing Candy Crush and just want to throw something on the TV that you don’t need to give your full attention to.

6/10 – It’s filled to the brim with crappy jump scares, quite a bit of cringe, but my bet is you’ll still have fun watching it.


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