The Shallows (2016)

the shallows 1

Lets start things off by saying I LOVE BLAKE LIVELY! She’s beautiful, funny and beyond likeable. I also happen to think that she’s an incredibly talented actress who I’d love to see make it in bigger and better movies.

This particular film however isn’t half bad.

A surfer gal travelling through Mexico finds the perfect, hideaway beach. The only problem is it’s home to a pretty bad ass shark who’s taken a liking to the taste of human blood. Stranded 200m from shore she goes face to face with the beast to try and make it back alive. 

This is a strong shark movie. It uses a lot of Jaws like action – for instance knowing that the anticipation of the shark is a fraction more unsettling than actually seeing it.

It’s also a perfect run time – it didn’t drag at all but sometimes it felt a little repetitive with the countdowns to high tide etc. This was obviously there to increase the intensity of things, but was a little over done in my opinion.

the shallows 2

Blake carries the whole thing very well. I imagine it’s quite challenging to keep a one woman show entertaining, but she plays it spot on; balancing her fear and bad ass determination wonderfully.

Ultimately for me the genre is done. A film has already been made that can never be beaten. Sure, sharks will always be scary and I’ll keep watching them if they keep making them, but there is never going to be a movie that will out do Jaws. I just wish that Hollywood could focus on new ideas rather than recycled material.

Entertaining for sure, but I actually think I preferred 47 metres down that came out earlier this year. You can check out my review for that here. (Ooo that rhymed)

6/10 – Fun, but a little forgettable.

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