Justice League (2017)

This movie just couldn’t make it’s mind up!

‘Shall we be serious? Shall we be funny? I KNOW! Let’s try and blend the two together and completely mess up the tone of the film. That should work right?’ WRONG!!

The Dark Knight trilogy managed to nail the ‘realism’ and make Batman exist in a world with a beating heart and believable characters. This is easily done with a character like him who doesn’t really have any super powers. He’s just filthy rich and in the world in which we live in – that’s the most powerful weapon of all.

Now when you start introducing characters like Wonder Woman (who’s pretty much a God) and a bloke who talks to fish – that’s where things start to get a little tricky. How can you continue to take yourself so seriously when you have some of the cheesiest heroes prancing around on screen? You just can’t.

Batman Returns realised this and decided to make everything so camp that it took your mind of things. This is what I think would’ve worked well with this kind of movie. I mean if your story isn’t believable, don’t try and make it fit – just go with what works.

The biggest question people have been asking is why didn’t the stand alone movies come out prior to JL’s release? The run time is eaten up by introducing people who have no character development and little to no personality – it was a waste of time in my opinion and time is in fact the biggest negative about this film.

DC just need to slow down. Marvel are bringing out a few movies a year, so maybe that’s what we should do? NO! Just take your time and make a movie that’s worth the money that is being poured into it.

Instead of a heart felt, fun ride (like what you’d get with an MCU flick) we’re presented with a heap of mind numbing trash with zero importance at all.

Okay, let me move on to a positive … Superman. He’s the only enjoyable character in the film and the scenes that I actually liked all had him in. Coincidence? I think not.

There is no Justice League without him and I’m 99% sure if he hadn’t been there, the ‘team’ would’ve fail miserably. They literally might as well have all gone home and saved the actual world saving to him.

Ezra Miller is a good, little actor who has a lot of potential, but sadly he was used and abused as the supposed ‘comic relief’. Every line that came out of his mouth had to be some kind of joke (and bad ones at that). It just didn’t seem natural and at one point I think I might have cringed.

Cyborg and Aquaman didn’t really do much at all – I guess Bruce Wayne just needed them to up the groups numbers … Speaking of which, Ben Affleck plays a great B.W but it’s as Batman that I feel he doesn’t quite smash it.

Finally we have Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot definitely looks the part, but I just wish her character had a little light hearted edge. Does she really have to be serious and bitter?

The closest thing she says to a joke is when she says ‘I work with children’ … COME ON. LOOSEN UP. HAVE SOME FUN – crack a smile. Steve Trevor died 100 years ago – pleasssseeee get on with your life.

Long story short – there must be so many scripts pouring in, all filled with amazing ideas yet somehow they decided to go with this? A lame plot, filled with lame characters and an even lamer villain – oh boy! I haven’t even got to that yet.

Steppenwolf was someone I’d never heard of (apart from the band that sing ‘Born to be Wild’) and after I saw a few images from the comics, he seemed to look pretty cool – but yet again the movie couldn’t even get that right! They created a big,  computer generated, grey, lifeless blob that served little to no purpose.

I mean come on – CGI is great! I love it and it can make an idea come to life BUT when over used it can leave a film looking cheap and tacky.

Marvel movies all have that re-watch factor. I never want to see them just once, they have something about them that brings everything to life and fully immerses you in the universe and it’s there that this movie fails completely. I never actually want to have to sit through this again … ever!

4/10 – Superman saved the day and saved the film from completely being a waste of my life.

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