Suburbicon (2017)

I haven’t really seen a Coen Brothers film that I didn’t really like .. until now.

Matt Damon and Julianne Moore put in great performances but it’s whenever Oscar Issac is on screen that the film takes flight. Other than that this film falls pretty flat …

The storyline wasn’t terrible but it was executed quite poorly!

The first big scene with the home invasion and that over dramatic music was just so distracting and it left me confused about whether it was supposed to be a serious moment or just silly?

I mean it is described as a black comedy? but I really struggled how to see that was so. There were a few laughable moments, but all in all it tried to be too many things at once and failed at all of them.

A big part of the film is the racial conflict that takes place. I understand that this was in the movie to demonstrate that a murder scandal can take place, but the small minded people were only concerned about the blameless black family moving in and not the psycho whites, however, this doesn’t shine as much as it should.

They were probably the only innocents in the whole film, but only mustered a few lines between them – wasted.

It tried to be quite deep at times, mirroring the two boys; one black and one white – to attempt to show that despite the ‘differences’ a child is still a child, but again it just didn’t have the impact it tried to create.

The way the movie was presented was bewildering as well. The plot was predictable yet I was left feeling that it should of been shocking. I’m torn as to whether the intention was to be obvious or if the audience were supposed to be left guessing?

Noah Jupe is probably my favourite up and coming child actor at the minute and he shows so much promise in this performance – it’s just sad that his decision to do this film, wasn’t the greatest one he could’ve made.

Overall, I did quite enjoy the whole thing – but it wasn’t great (maybe not even that good) and I definitely wouldn’t be recommending it to other people.

5/10 – Poor George Clooney.

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