Wonder (2017)

This is an emotional, funny and uplighting film – wrapped up in a heart felt bow.

The movie is based on a best selling book (that I’ve never actually read) and is about a young boy with facial differences and his first experience at a mainstream school.

Auggie is adorable! Jacob Tremblay is astounding for his age and his cute voice and gentle expressions make your heart melt.

Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson play sweet, caring parents. I just wish Mandy Patinkin had a little more screen time but he works well as the wise head teacher.

The film plays out through Auggie’s eyes and it’s beautiful to see such a positive young man break out into the world, not really knowing what to expect.

Not only is it through his eyes we see though, as the film allows us to view different perspectives from different characters, allowing for a fuller understanding of all the people involved in his life. You end up sympathising with everyone, even those who you think are the worst of the worst.

I hadn’t ever seen Izabele Vidovic in anything before but she really impressed me. I’m glad that we got to see a lot from her character and we were given the chance to see how everything affected her life.

Auggie is well aware that not all kids are mean, they’re just honest. They haven’t fully grasped how to mask emotions or keep rude questions to themselves. They’re just curious.

I don’t have children of my own but the unconditional love that Roberts and Wilson show is completely relatable and throughout the movie they’re brimming with pride.

You know what to expect; tears and lots of them! The world is cruel and not everyone will be nice but as long as you have a good few friends – you’ll be happy.

I wish they made more movies like this! The story line was simple but it kept my interest throughout.

8/10 – It may be sad, but trust me – you’ll definitely walk out with a big smile on your face.

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