Battle Of The Sexes (2017)

For those of you like me, that had never heard of this story before,  here’s a little rundown of what the film is about;

Based on the true story of Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs who went head to head in a tennis match to see who really is the stronger sex.

I thought that the first 45 minutes or so were quite slow.  If felt that too much time was spent establishing BJ King as a lesbian rather than showing her to have a likeable personality.

I understand that this was a historic and important step on the journey to equality but King did a lot more for women AFTER the match rather than before (or so said Google after hours of research) and it’s because of that it would’ve been better to show more of what happened once the tennis was done, rather than before as it kind of seemed stretched out and silly …

Sure – the first act helps to build character ra ra ra! but it felt like it was 80% Emma with only 20% Steve and it seemed like everyone I spoke to would’ve preferred it to be the other way around.

Emma acted the crap out of the role, but it seems she wasn’t really given much to work with. I feel like the character was there as someone to get behind and cheer on, but instead I just sort of sighed whenever she was on the screen – just very 2 dimensional.

I mean whether she’s confused about her sexuality or not – a cheater is a cheater and I feel like if a movie is going to want me to egg on that sort of character they need to give me something else to enjoy about them.

I mean she didn’t even seem that enthusiastic about playing bloody tennis?!?

All of the moaning being said – the one thing I must say about this movie is the performances were great, especially from Steve.

Carell played Riggs – a pretty misogynistic piece of work – with a heart of gold. The film did a good job of showing that this was just an act to create publicity and put on a show, instead of how he actually viewed women (well at least that’s how I took it).

I actually wanted Steve to win!! He has a severe gambling addiction and can’t keep hold of his wife, yet somehow as an audience you feel very sympathetic towards him and if they’d have been able to create that same feeling with Emma, I feel like my opinion of the movie would be a whole other ball game. (Tennis counts as a ball game right?)

There was a pretty strong supporting cast as well; including nineties sensation Bill Pullman. It’s great to see that he’s back up and running in the movie world. After watching him in the ‘The Sinner’ I remembered just how good of an actor he actually is.

I saw someone write recently that ‘Alan Cumming is a poor man’s Stanley Tucci’ and I actually couldn’t agree with them more. His presence in this film was not needed – and his over exaggerated accent with horrible to listen to – BLAH!

All in all, I won’t remember this film next year and if it wasn’t for the good cast and strong performances I would have given it a slightly lower score.

6/10 – It was pretty underwhelming. A wasted idea and I feel like the message they were trying to send out got a little lost along the way.

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