The Disaster Artist (2017)

I’m not even going to waste precious writing time talking about what this film is about – I’m just going to dive into why I think this movie is something everybody needs to get off their arses to go and see.

It’s just a fantastically made movie!! Everything about it was amazing; the performances were great, the comedy was hilarious and there were even moments that verged on tear jerking.

James Franco couldn’t have been any better. He had the voice, the look and the extravagance of Tommy down to a tee. It’s definitely the best film I’ve ever seen him in and it was a real joy to watch.

The chemistry between James and Dave is astounding and makes for something much more than the straight up comedy I was kind of expecting. I went into this film thinking I’d have a few laughs, it would be pretty silly and I wouldn’t think much of it – but I was shocked at just how touching the whole thing actually was.

There were oodles of familiar faces and unexpected cameos but I just have to mention Josh Hutcherson, OH. MY. GOODNESS. every single time him and his wig were on screen I was having to hold back tears of laughter – it was just so ridiculous.

Oh and Zac Efron is my hero …

I’m sat here with a big, fat smile on my face thinking back at some of the scenes. It was honest and sincere with lots of heart and even more humour. James portrayed Tommy not just as a laughing stock but as a lovable extrovert who’s happiest when he’s around his best pal.

I feel like Franco could’ve taken the easy route and made a disposable comedy film that would be fun for one or two watches, but pretty pointless beyond that. Instead he’s made one of my favourite films of the year that I’m confident I won’t tire of after a gazillion rewatches.

Tommy is a legend and misunderstood hero. The Disaster artist made me fall head over heels in love with him and I’m over the moon that audiences everywhere are feeling the same.

9/10 – There’s a lot we don’t know about Mr. Wiseau but I think it’s what we do know that counts. He’s truly one of a kind, that’s graced us with a cult classic we’re not likely to ever forget.


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