The Greatest Showman (2017)

‘Ladies and gents this is the moment you’ve waited for …’

WOW! This film is cheesy, camp, and a whole heap of fun.

Every single scene looks beautiful. There’s colour and vibrancy everywhere not to mention awesome costumes. There’s not a single part of the movie that isn’t oozing with that classic musical edge – it’s a delight to watch, that’s for sure.

Hugh Jackman was loving life! I was beyond enjoying myself because I could see that every single actor was having the best time. There is so much infectious energy and I absolutely love it.

I went into seeing this film having listened to the soundtrack in the car for weeks, so I knew the kind of toe tapping numbers to expect. All of the songs are extremely well written with fantastically choreographed and directed scenes.

Whenever I review a musical I like to do a little countdown of my top 5 favourites, so below are the songs that have impressed me the most;

5) Rewrite The Stars

4) This Is Me

3) A Million Dreams

2) Never Enough

1) From Now On

The first half was quite slow but hey! it’s aimed at all ages and needed to keep a tight runtime. The second half however picks up a lot and takes a different turn while still being clean, family fun.

Overall it’s well acted by all and everyone shines brightly. My only real moan is about Rebecca Ferguson. She’s very beautiful and of course a skilled actress, but she can’t sing … Instead they’ve got some girl off ‘The Voice’ to belt out her number and she just mimes. This would probably be less annoying if it wasn’t for the fact that she’s playing the role of a talented European singer, who’s one main skill should be TO SING!

It doesn’t really bother me, but I’m sure they could’ve found an equally amazing actress who CAN sing and provide me with a more believable performance scene.

As for all this criticism about historical accuracy, I understand, I really do but coommmee onnnnn! It’s a musical, and a bloody fun one at that – so just try and enjoy yourself instead of nit picking all the time (says the woman who’s main interest is critiquing movies).

I’ve never been to a circus and I don’t agree with anything that involves that kind of use of animals, but Hugh Jackman dancing around with a stick in his hand whilst CGI lions jump through hoops sounds pretty good to me!

8/10 – It might take you a while to shake yourself off and dive head first into something as lavish and extravagant but once you do, you’ll have a whale of a time.

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