Stronger (2017)

When I was thinking about movies I’d seen recently and needed to review, I completely forgot about this ….

Sure, it’s not bad and Jake is fantastic as always, but compared to other films of the year it just doesn’t come close to being that good.

The film centres around Jeff Bauman who is trying to come to terms with the aftermath of his survival of the Boston Marathon bombing.  

It just seemed that the film wasn’t needed. Can’t someone just make a REALLY good documentary about the bloke instead?

Jake really did make this film and without him I feel like it would’ve been a little lower in my rating.

Miranda Richardson’s character was just too much! She annoyed me throughout and her accent was distracting – not what I’d expect from an actress of her caliber. The gal from Orphan Black was fab though and a person  you really sympathised with throughout.

I wasn’t bored, but I wasn’t particularly interested either. I felt that it tried to pull on a lot of heartstrings but didn’t quite work in the way it wanted to. I think that it dealt with PTS well, but this could’ve been delved into deeper. All in all it just seemed a lot like Oscar bait to me and not much else.

When you’re dealing with true stories it’s important to be respectful but you also need to present the movie in an enjoyable way without americanising it or making it feel unauthentic and there were moments where the film drifted into being a little too romanticised.

 6/10 – Some good performances, but a very forgettable movie. Worth a watch if you’re running low on ideas, but definitely not something you should go out of your way for.

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