Jumanji (2017)


‘Remakes are dead.’ ‘Stop killing the classics.’ ‘Don’t ruin my childhood.’ .. these are just some of the things I’ve seen people post BEFORE they’ve watched this film.

I myself am guilty of assuming that this would be another money grab movie that just turns out to be a solid gold turd, but the truth is that this turned out to be one of the biggest surprises of the year for me …

I walked out and was shocked at how much I loved this film. It was complete escapism and so much fun to watch.

I liked each and every character. They all had such great chemistry! Jack Black plays the funniest role I’ve seen him in, and absolutely smashes it. Kevin Hart is classic Kevin Hart. Karen Gillen shows a little more diversity and I’m ever proud of her Doctor Who roots.

Hey! Even Nick Jonas wasn’t terrible. Shocker I know …

Then we come to mr action hero himself, Dwayne Johnson, or as I like to call him ‘the nicest guy in Hollywood’. A lot of his movies are guilty pleasures to me but I would say that this is a flat out pleasure with little to no guilt.


Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room. Every one loves the Robin Williams original and it was a staple of my childhood movie memories BUT that being said I’m glad that this film took a different route and used the concept to turn it into something a little more modern and interesting.

They didn’t opt for a flat out remake or rewriting of the original and the little homage to Alan Parrish was fleeting but respectful.

The idea was so much fun and it was the best popcorn flick of the year by far. Something you can just kick back and soak in. I would definitely see this film in a heartbeat and will be recommending it to everyone who wants a good slice of family fun.

Although it was nothing like the original (in a good way) it didn’t try and mimic it at all and it completely surpassed my expectations.

8/10 – Pfft! Who thought it would ever get that rating? Not me that’s for sure. I thought it’d be scraping the barrel at a little 6 or 7 but boy oh boy this is pretty darn awesome.


One thought on “Jumanji (2017)

  1. I was VERY pleasantly surprised too. I think watching it in a jam packed screening helped – everyone seemed to enjoy it so I guess I picked up on the vibe!
    Definitely thought it was one of the best popcorn films of recent times 👍

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