Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2018)

At the risk of sounding like a complete and utter twat – this film has sooo many layers.

It centres around Mildred, a woman who’s daughter was tragically murdered and who’s case has never been solved. She feels the police department have let her down and it’s up to her to remind the small town she lives in, that justice needs to be served.

Now reading that synopsis, my mind would automatically go down a certain road and I could almost predict the entire, generic plot in a minute or two, but one of the most wonderful things about this movie is it’s unpredictability.

Scene after scene I was shocked and amazed at what I was watching. It’s filled with amazingly dark humour, wit and charm – something that Martin McDonagh has become famous for (the ‘cunt fucking kids’ scene from In Bruges comes to mind).

I think if you have the skill to successfully take a really bleak, depressing story and turn it into something that has the entire audience in stitches whilst still pulling on a couple of heart strings, then you’re a fucking genius.

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be laughing this much! Each and every character had that comical edge that somehow helped make the film seem more human and able to hit home in a much harder way than if it had been a straight laced drama.

I keep all of my new film reviews strictly spoiler free, so it’s tricky to be able to pin point specific moments or not influence you into thinking the film will turn out a certain way, so I’m going to steer clear of anything that might ruin it for you as I believe it’s best to go into this knowing as little as possible.

Frances gives her best performance to date and probably one of the best lead actress performances I’ve ever seen. She plays the hard faced bitch with a heart of gold so well. She’s sympathetic without asking for it and she proves that being a fantastic actress doesn’t mean you can shout the loudest or cry on command, it means you can display such raw emotion without even trying.

Every supporting member of the cast has been handpicked to perfection. There are no disappointments whatsoever and I have to take a paragraph or two to talk about Sam Rockwell …

He absolutely blew my mind in this movie! He is such a dick but you can’t help but love him. He’s stupid, he’s rude, he’s ignorant and he has the biggest transformation throughout. It’s really great to be able to see how his character develops in the 2 hour time slot and if he doesn’t win that Oscar then I officially give up!

It’s hard to think why someone wouldn’t like this film. It’s got the makings of a masterpiece and to be frank, it really was close to reaching that 10/10 marker.

9/10 – An amazing plot with sterling performances from everyone involved. It’s a story about love, hope and new beginnings; laced with depression, arson and Tyrion Lannister – WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE.

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