The Shape Of Water – 2018

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Oh God! This review is coming out a while after I intended it to – I’m a little behind on my ‘new releases’ so please give me time to catch back up again.

A woman working in a top secret research facility in the 60’s comes across a captured creature with whom she shares a special bond. 

It’s a fantastic fantasy story that is very similar yet somehow very different to others in the genre. It doesn’t really present something that hasn’t been done before, but at the same time you’re instantly hooked to what’s happening and the relationships that are being formed.

Is it predictable? Sure. Do you care about that? HELL NO.

At the end of the day, the movie is about what it is to be lonely. Every single character is somehow distant from everyone else in their lives.

Sally Hawkins is a mute, so feels that she is incomplete and the first 10 minutes of the movie helps to set that up in the audience’s minds. Octavia Spencer is clearly unhappy with her marriage, in fact every line she has somehow relates back to complaining about her husband. Richard Jenkins, Michael Stuhlbarg (who’s great by the way), the creature and even Shannon, all show throughout the film that they are somehow living unsatisfied, sad and lonely lives.

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This film looks beautiful. The colours, the themes, EVERYTHING ABOUT IT is just wonderful. The Make Up and costume design is flawless. There wasn’t a single part of the film where the effects looked sloppy or the set looked unbelievable – it’s just perfection.

Sally Hawkins is the perfect actress for the role, she’s sweet, charming and has really owned that doe eyed look. Everyone in this film plays their roles sooo well; especially Michael Shannon, who I think is one of the best actors working today!

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Lets scrap it back. This is a film about a woman falling in love with a merman. If you were to just read that on paper you’d think to yourself, ‘how the hell can you create a credible romance story around a mute woman and a captured fish creature?’ .. and it’s just crazy how that is the furthest thing from your mind when you’re watching this.

Guillermo has put together a film with the craziest of plots and somehow makes you not question the motives or love for a single second – and that really is remarkable.

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Being in the UK, this film came out months after the US release and it was one of my highly anticipated for a very long time. It was released on Valentine’s day and of course me and my boyfriend popped down to give it a watch – we were 2 of about 6 people in the whole screen …

It really does make me sad to know that every Fifty Shades screen was booked out to the max and hardly anyone was giving this film the attention it deserves.

I love the online film community and the fact that there are others out there who are like minded, but it really is shameful that a large amount of people haven’t even heard of this movie or wouldn’t even give it the chance to impress them.

Ranting aside, I think that this film is gorgeous. It WILL stand the test of time and although it definitely isn’t my favourite of the Oscar picks *cough* PHANTOM THREAD *cough* I know it’s one that I’ll be watching over and over in the future and I can’t wait to own it on Blu Ray.

9/10 – Stylish, stunning and romantic.

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