Annihilation (2018)

Image result for annihilation

Okay … so this is definitely going to be one of the shortest ‘reviews’ I’ve ever written because I honest to God have no idea what the hell I just watched?

Seriously, what happened? 

It is pretty much impossible to talk about this film without spoilers, so I’m not even going to try.

From the moment it started I felt uneasy and as it continued the fear kept on creeping in – but the last 20 minutes of this movie made me feel so uncomfortable that I was close to just skipping forward.

Visually it was pretty stunning and the colours were beautiful, but the story …. just went straight over my head.

Anyway, that’s literally all I’m going to say for now … I would like to discuss this with more people though so I urge you to go and watch it and then get back to me because boy! I have so many questions to ask.

I’ll watch it again in a week or so and then see what I think after that, but for now I’m unsure if it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen or the absolute worst!

7/10 – I NEED HELP.

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