Love, Simon (2018)

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I’d had my Cineworld secret screening ticket for a few weeks and my anticipation levels were pretty high. Would it be a tacky action flick with The Rock (obfilmreviews definitely wished it was) or perhaps Isle of Dogs?

It ended up being Love, Simon (shock horror)! As soon as the movie title popped up on screen there were sighs and boos from the audience and to be honest I was a little bummed out too!

That being said, when your expectations are low you leave a lot of room to be surprised …

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Simon has a secret and when it’s close to being exposed he makes choices to ensure that his true identity remains hidden. 

I was really shocked at how much I ended up enjoying this film – it was sweet. charming and had a few truly hilarious moments.

Sure, it was pretty much ‘A Cinderella Story’ with less Hilary Duff and more dudes, but the premise was pretty much the same. Simon is emailing someone who he starts to have romantic feelings for and tries his best to find out who it is, but along the way ends up finding himself … deep.

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The kid from Jurassic World (who’s name I’ve already forgotten – oops!) was really impressive here! He played the role well and I really felt for the guy and wanted things to turn out well for him.

Martin was a great character too and it was the scenes with him that I liked the most. I’d really like to see Logan Miller in more films as he really seemed promising from what I saw in this.

That being said, Talitha (who I loved in the newest Annabelle film) was pretty wasted in this and I feel that she’s a good little actress with a lot to give.

Jennifer Garner & Josh Duhamel were fab additions to the cast as well and the were a few scenes towards the end of the film where the eye sockets definitely felt a little more damp.

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Sure, there were a few things that didn’t quite sit right with me; like the underwhelming scene where Whitney plays? GOD! scenes like that are designed for me, but seemed a little wasted …

In fact, there were odd moments of cringe sprinkled throughout, but whenever it got a little too much it managed to get things back on track. (Speaking of cringe the tagline ‘He’s done keeping his story straight’ that’s on the poster I included above, is the kind of stuff I’m talking about).

ANOTHER THING (and you might consider this a spoiler, so maybe skim past if you’re nervous about that) but Martin says a joke half way through the film and as soon as I heard it I knew it was a clue about the person Simon was talking to – so that kind of sucked because I wish I’d have had no idea.

7/10 – Not something I probably would’ve chosen to go and see myself, but I’m pleased that I did.

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