You Were Never Really Here (2018)

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This was actually one of my most anticipated movies of the year – but it turned out to be one of the most forgettable movies of the year …

Joe is a damaged veteran who sets out on a mission to bring back home a missing girl, which might prove to be a little trickier than what he’s used to …

Joaquin Phoenix is the perfect anti-hero here. He is sooooo damaged and a large majority of the film is spent watching him decide whether to live or die – yet there are glimpses of humanity.

‘Joe’ is described as being brutal at one moment in the movie and it definitely doesn’t disappoint in that department. His weapon on choice is a hammer and we are treated to many a bash in.

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The movie is painfully slow and attempts to be gritty, but I’m not sure if it quite gets to the level it’s trying to be and it definitely didn’t knock me in the way it seems to be doing with others.

They do spend a healthy chunk of the film building a back story with ‘Joe’ but I just wish that more time was focused on this instead of the long, bleak travel shots and moody landscapes.

OH GOD! another thing I have to mention is how BLOODY LOUD THE WHOLE MOVIE IS. It’s aggressive to the ears as well as the eyes.

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I really am in two minds about this film. When I first came out I initially gave it an 8/10 but on reflection I’m finding more things I didn’t like than did. For example, I think that there needed to be more mystery and suspense. The story itself just didn’t really do much for me … obviously the subject matter isn’t the rosiest thing in the world.

It was kind of like Lynne Ramsey was just doing a tougher, art house version of ‘Taken’. The whole thing seemed a tad too pretentious and ‘try hard’.

Joaquin has definitely brought his A game though – he really played this part well, but I just think that the film left a little bit to be desired.

6/10 – Seriously, I did originally rate it an 8/10 but after typing out my thoughts, that score has really been knocked down. Reflection is a great thing.

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