Game Night (2018)

Game Night 2

People like Amy Schumer have made me really fall out of love with comedies. It seems like no matter how hard we hope things will get better, Hollywood keeps making movies like ‘Snatched’ and ‘Status Update’ (okay I’m not even sure if Status Update was a comedy, but thought I’d mention it seeing as I’m talking about turd films).

BUT WAIT!? Could THIS movie be the start of a new era? by George, it just might be …

A bunch of friends meet up for the ultimate Game Night but it looks like things might not be completely as they seem …

Image result for Game night 2018

Seriously, has Rachel McAdams ever been in a bad film?!

One thing that really stands out about this film is the chemistry that all the characters share! It’s outstanding and really helps make everything ten times more hilarious. Every single person is given their moment to shine.

A massive shout out has to go to Jesse Plemons, who’s bloody popping up in everything these days but I’m not kidding this has to be the best performance I’ve seen him give to date. He plays the character of creepy neighbour Gary soooo well and definitely steals the shows.

Honestly, I couldn’t stop laughing and not because it was slapstick, basic comedy but because it was clever, witty and a genuine treat to watch.

Game Night.png

The story line itself was fun, exciting and had some fairly decent twists and turns. From the trailer I must say I thought it would be a hoot but maybe a little bit too generic, but it turned out to be really imaginative (definitely something that has been missing in the comedy world recently).

Sure there were quite a few pop culture references, but I happened to think that they were all well structured into the plot itself. No joke or comment felt out of place and everything was put together nicely to create something that is truly funny.

Comedy aside, there are some pretty darn good action scenes as well and it’s always nice to see my old friend Dexter pop up from time to time.

Overall, this is a fantastic comedy film that I’m sure will become a classic. It has the balance just right and I actually ended up really caring for the characters of Max & Annie ( I care so much I remembered their names without actually having to Google!)

8/10 – It feels like a great movie that just so happens to be laugh out loud hilarious.

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