Darkest Hour (2018)

Darkest Houe

I’ve put off writing this post for so long because I was so completely underwhelmed with it. I just had no passion to sit down and type AT ALL. The more I talk about it, or think about this film the less I like it BUT I’m going to try and find as many positives as I can.

OK. Lets start with the screenplay itself.

When you take on a project like this and you’re aware that every single person in the UK would’ve lived through or been taught about the man that was Winston Churchill, you’re kind of in trouble.

You’d really need to take the story and look at it from a different angle or maybe infuse some ideas that might not have been explored before. Anthony McCarten doesn’t even come close to doing this …. like not even a little bit.

Darkest Hour 2

Come on Emma think of a positive about the script, errrm …. THE SPEECHES! I mean you can’t go wrong with a classic Churchill speech right? The only thing is the writer can’t really take credit for those can he?

Honestly, I’m really unsure as to why this was even nominated for Best Picture. It was 100% the weakest out of all the contenders. What about Blade Runner, Wind River (curse you Weinstein), Wonder or my personal favourite PADDINGTON 2?!

I guess I can’t really deny that Gary Oldman looked fantastic and his acting was not too shabby but he now joins the likes of Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio in that he’s won a Best Actor Oscar for one of his weakest roles.

Daniel Day Lewis should’ve been walking up onto that stage, but hey! I’m not bitter.

Darkest Hour 3

POSITIVE – Kristen Scott Thomas was great the limited amount of time she was on screen. Lily James however, was a wasted talent and her character was hella annoying and a little bit pointless.

The pacing was bad, the story itself was boring and if I’m being honest I’d have much rather watched a documentary about the real Churchill instead. The story is completely done and can we hurry up and be over with WWII attempts at cinema gold?

Okay, okay, okay! It’s not as terrible as it could be, but it really was over hyped and in a complete different league to other films nominated.

5/10 – Not for me but Gary Oldman was pretty good to watch. Just sadly nowhere near as good as DDL. GO AND SEE PHANTOM THREAD!

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