Musical Mondays – Grease (1978)

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I mean it doesn’t get much more feel good than Grease.

From that cringe opening scene with Danny & Sandy frolicking around on the beach, to the hilarious dream sequences and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ending – IT’S JUST FANTASTIC!

Oh oh oh and Danny Zuko’s walk is something I’ll always have fond memories of!

It’s funny because when I was younger I never really liked the film. I think there was a lot I didn’t really understand, but now at the ripe old age of 26 I can REALLY listen to the words of Greased Lightenin’, if you know what I mean …

It’s all very raunchy girls and boys and I’ve got news for you! When Danny says ‘took her bowling in the arcade’ judging by his hand gestures, I don’t think he’s being too literal.

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Part of the movie’s fun is the way it looks. The amazing costumes and the dreamy colours – it’s all so pastel and I love it!

Every single character is over exaggerated but perfectly relateable at the same time! HOW DO THEY DO THAT?

Honestly, in my opinion I think this could be the best coming of age movie that’s ever been made and kudos to Gibb for giving us some catchy tunes to sing along with. No wedding party is ever complete without the Grease Megamix.

Anyway that’s quite enough talking from me and now it’s over to my top 5 songs … *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*

5) You’re The One That I Want

4) Hopelessly Devoted To You 

3) There Are Worse Things I Could Do 

2) Sandy

1) Beauty School Drop Out

Not only is ‘Beauty School Dropout’ my favourite song, it’s my favourite scene from the film as well!

WHO AM I KIDDING! All the songs are fab and this movie is 10/10 fabulous daaaarling!


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