Ready Player One (2018)

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Now before I go kissing it’s arse I’d just like to say that I really wasn’t expecting much from this at all. I didn’t like the look of the trailer and I’d never actually heard about the book before – so I was just so impressed with what Spielberg served up.

I’ve seen it twice now and I’ll admit that I was a little overwhelmed by the awesomeness the first time round that I actually rated it 10/10. Seeing it for the second time though, the wonder has worn off just a tad and I can see things a little clearer.

I’m going to quickly get the negatives out of the way first. I don’t like Tye Sheridan at all. He constantly looks like he’s pushing out an uncomfortable poo and his acting leaves a lot to be desired.

The three friends were completely forgettable as well. So much so that I’ve seen it twice and I can’t even remember their names …Olivia Cooke and Mark Rylance are fab though!

Ben Mendelsohn seems to be the go to villain these days, but I’m okay with that. He plays the roles well and this is no different.

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The film itself was a blast! The plot was easy to follow but not to dumb that you had to completely turn your brain off. There were fun little riddles and amazing visual effects – it’s a roller coaster to watch.

It is quite lengthy for a family film, sitting at 2 hours and 20 mins but that honestly just rolls by and you’re too interested in what’s going on to care about your numb bum or constant need to urinate.

The 80’s soundtrack is a nice added bonus as well, but I will say that on the second time round I did kind of get bored of a song accompanying every single scene in the first 30 minutes …

As well as the music being nostalgic you’re also bombarded with an array of pop culture references and I feel like the more times you watch this film the more of them you’ll be able to pick up. You’ve got some big, in your face ones and a shit tonne of subtle things that are very easy to miss if you’re not looking.

Some people have complained that these did get on their tits, but I found them all to be placed really well and they didn’t feel forced at all.

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This is a spoiler free review so I’m not going to go into detail about my favourite parts as it’s best to throw yourself in expecting and knowing as little as possible, but I will say that I loved the horror references most of all and for a family movie there were a hell of a lot more of them than I was expecting.

I wonder how many times I’ve said the word references so far …

I’ve struggled to write this for a while as it’s been a good month since I saw it for the first time, but sometimes when you really enjoy a film that’s when it’s harder to put something together. It’s much easier to rant on about all the things you hate, but to me this was simply a great blockbuster film.

8/10 – Not quite the 10/10 I rated it on the first time round, but it’s got a lot going for it and I’ll be sure to pick this up on blu ray when it’s released.

2 thoughts on “Ready Player One (2018)

  1. I saw it 3D, also curiously because the trailer didn’t really impress me, but it was good fun!

    I didn’t care too much for the love story, because it felt a bit rubbish, but some sequences were really impressive for the fanboy in me. Especially that whole opening race sequence, amazing. The rest was quite predictable but, as you say, so much of it was good old-fashioned popcorn fun and sometimes that’s good enough.


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