I, Tonya (2018)

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Hi, it’s me Emma! I’m back with another ridiculously late review.

When I went and watched this film (months ago now) I was surprised at how bad ass it was. I thought from the trailer it would be all bark and no bite but this was something else entirely.

It has this twisted, dark humour that isn’t forced at all and it actually suits each and everyone of the characters and their back stories.

Speaking of characters, Margot Robbie is a real standout here. She is fantastic and you can tell that she’s giving every single scene her absolute all! That being said, the whole cast is fantastic.

Sebastian Stan is a wife beater with a heart and I oddly felt sorry for him at parts, which is pretty messed up. Allison Janney won a well deserved Oscar and Christ she reminded me a lot of my own mother … ALSO I’d never seen Paul Walter Hauser in anything before but he really took me by surprise in this; his character was hilarious.

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The movie doesn’t slow down AT ALL. The pacing is perfect and the more the film went on the more the juicier it got.

Tonya Harding herself is a real puzzle. One minute I was hating her guts, the next minute I thought she was a complete innocent. The film explored all the good and the bad and allowed the audience to try and make things up for themselves, which I really appreciated.

She had a lot of deep anger and I feel like she didn’t feel deserving of the skills and attention she had and therefore hit self destruct. BLAH too deep for me.

At the end of the day this is an amazing, modern sports movie (unlike Battle Of The Sexes). The cinematography gets a big tick too and the skating scenes were really thrilling to watch. Especially for someone who has to hold onto the bars whenever they waddle onto the ice …

8/10 – A fun movie to watch and something that can be enjoyed many times over. Any other year I feel like Robbie might just have snatched that Oscar for herself.

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