Breaking In (2018)

I honestly don’t know what people were wanting from this film. If you watch the trailer you can tell EXACTLY what you’re getting yourself into …

I get it! I can understand all the critique but for me it was everything I wanted it to be. Don’t get me wrong – that definitely doesn’t make it a good movie.

The opening scene teased at bigger things to come. It makes you think ‘ooo I wonder what all that is about?’ but alas it’s brushed under the carpet and the loose ends are never actually tied up. Hmm.

Speaking of annoying plot holes – the children.

So the whole concept of the film is guys break into home, take kids hostage while they look for something to steal and the mother tries to ‘break in’ to rescue them.

I mean, if I was a criminal mastermind I’d use those children as leverage to get what you want right? Especially when the mum is hell bent on disrupting their plan and making sure her little ones are safe and sound but noooooo they are just locked in a room and essentially ignored 75%  of the time.

Image result for breaking in 2018

The cast were pretty decent actually but I did have problems with Billy Burke! He simply wasn’t ‘villainy’ enough for my liking. He couldn’t bloody make his mind up and his character and motives seemed to change scene to scene.

I did however think that Gabrielle Union’s performance was brilliant. She really gives it her all and it was refreshing to see someone make smart decisions instead of going for those frustrating thriller cliches. YOU GO GURRLL!

Still, I do love the whole ‘cat and mouse’ theme and the running, fighting and running again thing it had going on. Sure it’s been done 126186443 times before, but I’m happy to watch 41348141 more.

Another thing I picked up on was that it’s rated a 15 but there was no swearing, just a few ‘friggins’ and there was hardly any blood or gore where there could’ve been and I feel it definitely would’ve benefited from a little more umph.

6/10 – It’s not a great movie and we’ve seen this formula done before and definitely done better, but I still enjoyed it and it’s 100% one of my guilty pleasures of the year so far.

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