Ghost Stories (2018)

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Ghost Stories is a really smart and impressive, British horror film that exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways.

The story revolves around Professor Phillip Goodman who’s been enlisted to investigate three very spooky and very different stories about the paranormal. 

From the trailer I wasn’t too sure on what to expect. Sure it seemed dark and creepy but was it going to try and be all dark and overly mysterious with predictable jump scares and plot twists?

Luckily for me it took the tension building route that has a much bigger effect on me. It plays on emotions and for a movie based on ghosts and ghouls it manages to tap into the relatability factor as well – impressive.

That’s not saying there wasn’t any jump scares or scary imagery that freaks you the fuck out – it was just overly more psychological than all that.

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It’s an anthology of unsettling stories that build to form a much bigger picture. There are subtle hints here and there that move you towards the ending which I feel I’ll be able to pick up much better with the second viewing.

I know some people weren’t huge fans of the way the movie ended but I happened to really enjoy it and although it didn’t make my jaw drop, it made pieces of the puzzle fit together nicely and rounded the whole thing off in a fairly satisfying way.

British to it’s core it featured some familiar faces; from Dr Watson to the Aviva life insurance advocate we were treated to a feast of UK talent. Admittedly I had absolutely no idea who Andy Nyman was, but I sure won’t be forgetting him anytime soon.

Ooooo I’m not a huge sound nerd or anything but there really was something to the whole clicks and ticks things the film had going on. This was especially true for Alex Lawther’s story – eerie as hell.

7/10 – According to IMDB Derren Brown plays a character called ‘Betty’ in this film. I mean you can’t really put British and psychological together without getting him involved.

One thought on “Ghost Stories (2018)

  1. Yeah, I love these kind of films, really get inside your head!

    Here’s another fun fact for you, Andy Nyman has worked with Derren Brown on all his shows, they write together/create that crazy stuff. It’s all linked!


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