Rating System

Here’s a little rundown of how I make my final decisions. I just want to point out that I rate movies on how much I enjoy them personally and not from an artsy farsty point of view.

  1. God awful. Everything about it sucks. Complete waste of my life.
  2. Still terrible, but there was one small part that made it bearable.
  3. Bad, but if it was on TV and I couldn’t be bothered to change the channel I’d probably leave it on whilst I was busy doing something else.
  4. Close to being enjoyable, yet misses. Almost entertaining but I wouldn’t choose to watch it again.
  5. A whole bunch of ‘meh’. Probably quite forgettable or just a mix or good and bad.
  6. Not bad! Clearly no masterpiece but I would probably watch it again if I hadn’t seen it in a while.
  7. Good. Would recommend to other people and watch it again, even if I know it’s not mind-blowing.
  8. Very good! Could watch it again multiple times and would always tell people to watch it again if they hadn’t seen it.
  9. It’s almost perfect! I recognise it’s a fantastic film, but maybe not something I could watch tirelessly.
  10. To me it’s a movie I could watch so much and never get bored of it. I know what’s going to happen but it’s still as enjoyable as the first time. Usually these are films that are the most fun, but could also be something that I find emotional and extremely close to my heart.